About Me

I was immersed in Amateur Radio and Electronics from quite an early age. My Father was a Radio Amateur and I got interested in the Hobby when my Parents bought me a receiver one Christmas.

I was eventually licensed in the late 1990s as M1CPL in the UK (I still hold the Callsign) but CW eluded me and after a short period of being active on 2m and 70cm I went QRT for quite a few years.

By the time the HF bands were opened to Amateurs who hadn't passed a Morse Test, I had moved to Germany. A brief flurry of HF activity followed before I went QRT again.

However, during this time I realised that it was far more fun working with low power. Not only were the challenges greater - but my neighbours were happier!

Finally I realised that in order to get anywhere with QRP I was going to have to bite the bullet and learn CW. By this time, I no longer saw it as a chore - but as something that I wanted to do and something that I would need to do if I wanted to achieve my goal of a 100% homebrew station.  I am still learning as far as CW is concerned.  I admire those that can send perfect Morse at high speed, but I haven't reached those standards yet!

Professionally, I am a Chartered Electronic Engineer by training, and a member of the IET.  I work in Software Architecture, Design and Quality.